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Cataworks will create a comprehensive range optimized web content. Depending on your unique needs, your pages can rank for clientele in all the world.

Cataworks works more like your marketing company. Our posts and articles are created not only for the Google bots but, for human eyes as well. If you are going to pay to have us post content all over the web, shouldn’t it also help drive traffic to your site? Yea, we think so too.

Writers are chosen for your project based on experience, proven performance and interest. All writers pass a rigorous examination and maintain up-to-date knowledge of SEO practices and web content standards. No duplicate content is permitted.

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Execute on your content marketing strategy. Drive traffic to your site. Reach customers (and Google) with quality, cost-effective blog and website content from savvy writers. A simple solution for content writing services.
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Content Creation

Execute on your content marketing strategy. Drive traffic to your site. Reach customers (and Google) with quality, cost-effective blog and website content from savvy writers. A simple solution for content writing services.

Content Writing Pro Services

Pro Services

Super power your content with strategy, blog topics, SEO optimization, and beyond. For clients just starting out, content marketing pros, or anyone looking to offload more of the workload.
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For Agencies

Our agency-focused platform keeps your content organized by client. We handle logistics—you focus on strategy. White label options and custom account management solutions available.

Recent Reviews

Writing Process for Creating
High-Quality Content

content writing step 1


For me, every writing project starts with an idea. It’s generally somewhat loose and unformed at the beginning, but I like the concept, so I know it’s worth pursuing. For example, the idea for this article arrived just after finishing an ebook for a client. It was a simple thought, “Hey, I should share my writing process.”
Often, the keywords for the project will be in the idea, and I already have a vague idea of the length and format: article, ebook, training program, etc.
content writing step 1

Working TITLE

I may or may not start with a title. But I usually plug in something, even if I know it’s likely to change. Often, as I write, I realize that a particular phrase turns up often, and I suspect it could work as the final title. In that case, I pop back up to the top of the document and either replace the working title or add my new idea below it.

When the project is done, I’ll select the title I like best. Or, if I’m unhappy with my working titles, I’ll brainstorm for more.

content writing step 1
content writing step 3


Just after I have an idea for a new project, I get a flood of ideas for how I could develop it. That’s when I grab a pen and paper or pull up a clean Word doc to jot down my ideas. At this stage, the vague idea begins to become more concrete.

If an idea seems weak, I evaluate the concept first, to see if it needs to change. Then I decide whether more research could help get me over the hump. Most of the time, I can find a way to make the idea work, but sometimes, the project isn’t worth pursuing. I either save it for another time or toss it.

content writing step 4

Research Write

Research is often the transition between outlining and writing. During that transition period, I bounce between researching and outlining and writing. My goal during this phase is capturing and refining my ideas, getting them on paper where I think they should go. Most of the writing I do at this stage is rough at best.
At some point—I can’t always say when—rough writing turns into pure writing. At that point, I begin by rewriting the rough sections and slip into my narrative. I rarely say, “Now it’s time to write.” I just do it.
content writing step 4
content writing step 5


Once the writing is done, I can do an overview of the project, but fine editing and review has to wait. Most likely, I’m still in the writing zone, and I see what I thought I wrote, not what’s really there.

I usually do a quick review to catch glaring mistakes and make sure I covered everything I meant to cover. I also check to be sure my intro still fits. If the project veered away from the original concept, the intro probably needs to be rewritten.

content writing step 6

Rough EDIT

One or two days after I finished writing, I can review the project more objectively. I’m no longer in my writing zone and can see the article as a first-time reader might.

A quick read-through tells me where the rough spots are and helps me identify gaps where I need to add content, or repetitive areas where I need to consolidate ideas or delete them altogether.

content writing step 6